Ballcock & Bits

Ballcock & Bits has been based at Broad House, Broad Lane for nearly 40 years. Opened by John Lovejoy, the shop became a great success.

Being fitters themselves, the knowledge, support and expertise provided by the staff, along with supplying only products the staff would use themselves, is considered the best! This soon became what made Ballcock & Bits different; plumbers wanted the best products for competitive rates whilst the public needed the expert advice and support. This unique quality is still visible in Ballcock & Bits today!

Due to the growing success, Ballcock & Bits were able to open a bathroom showroom for customers to view the products due to the ever-increasing amount of custom. Managing Director Robert (Bob) Kind remains a well-known name and face in the shop to this day, serving the same customers from when he joined all the way to brand new account customer sign ups.

In just over 36 years, Ballcock & Bits has seen competition come and go in the Bracknell area, but Ballcock & Bits is still standing strong as the longest running independent merchant in the area. Ballcock & Bits has featured in the Bizarre magazine and made an appearance on Radio 1 for its great name. There has also been a space for Director John Lovejoy in the book of who’s who. Ballcock & Bits continues to expand, employing more staff to support the showroom, customers at the trade counter and account management. Much of the ever-growing success is largely to do with the customer service, expertise and care that goes into every customer interaction. It was present 36 years ago, still present now and will be present forever in the future. We’re proud to be Ballcock & Bits!


Will you help us
Find every child?

80,000 children go missing each year in the UK. Alone, frightened and vulnerable, every minute counts to bring these children back home or to a safe place.

Ballcock & Bits Ltd and The IPG are joining the search for these children. We will be amongst the very first to know when a local child goes missing; and together with our customers, family and friends, we will be the eyes for the charity all over the UK.

If your child went missing, wouldn't you want the whole world to stop and look?

What our customers say

This may only be a small independent plumbers merchants but worth its weight in complete Plumbing & Heating gold. Bob in particular has truly remarkable knowledge of the trade making the experience a true delight every time I undertake a visit at Ballcock and Bits.

– Sam W. via Google

Good value, great knowledge & service!

– John M. via Google

Simply put the best plumbers merchants there is. Friendly and Knowledgeable staff make a huge difference.

– Roy G. via Facebook